The Dogs

Wow! What a morning!

We woke up late! I needed to take a shower, get the boy up and ready, cook food for some lunch, and write two encouraging letters for the boy for his state testing, all before 7:15!

While I’m waiting for my ground turkey to cook. I hear my phone ringing. I look at what time it was 7:13 I know it’s not Corey. I get this feeling it might be Lori. All I can think is “please don’t let my dogs be out of the yard!”

I walked over to see who it was and sure enough it was Lori! I answered it. I said “Please tell me my dogs aren’t out of the yard!”

Sure enough they are! Let me tell you just a little bit about them crazy dogs of ours.

Axe is a 4 year old black labrador, who is an escape artist.

Luke is our 8 month old golden Labrador. He is our big ole teddy bear. He eats everything in site.

Then there is Athena, we’re not 100% sure what she is. She was a stray in our neighborhood that would hang out around the house. So we decided to just add her to the family. Oh man she is the sweetest little thing ever.

So the two that got out of the fence were Axe and Athena. Axe loves to dig and get out of the yard. I feel like he thinks it’s a game. He literally is an escape artist. He can squeeze his old butt into anything. (Insert eye roll). Athena well she is just so little that her butt can squeeze through anything.

So I had to have the boy distract Luke, so I could open the gate. If not his big butt would break out! The only reason I think he doesn’t escape out is because he is too fat to get through the hole!

As Brayden is distracting Luke, Athena squeezes her butt through the hole right before I could open the gate. Then I have to shove Axe into the yard, because he just didn’t want to go back into the yard.

Lord knows we need land that they could just roam free on.

By the time I am able to get back into the house and get our stuff to leave it’s 7:30.

I’m frustrated, flustered, and I just want cry my eyes out from being so stressed! As I’m rushing the boy, I muttered “stupid dogs”. Which I know I shouldn’t have. Brayden looked at me with disappointment! He had said “momma that’s not nice. Be thankful we have them.”! Oh how right he was. I needed that. I shouldn’t be flustered or frustrated, just because the dogs were being themselves. I just need to slow down and enjoy life.

No matter how rough life gets, or how rough we think it is. We need to appreciate the little things in our lives and not take them for granted!